F-Tail Deltas are particularly striking due to their 23ft long floating veil tails.

A Floating-Tail looks significantly larger than a simple Delta kite with the same wingspan.

The F-Tail flies in light wind due to the large sail area and the low weight. Because of the long floating tails, which act as stabilisers, it also flies extremely well in strong and gusty winds. 

The middle panel of the F-Tail merges into the middle, shorter veil tail and is surrounded by a black border. The two outer veil tails are white.

Specifications / Details

  • Size 2000 x 7000 mm (2m x 7metres)
  • 100 m braided kite line on winder
  • Fibre glas frame
  • Sail made from rip-stop polyester
  • 3 floating Taffeta tails
  • Wind range 1 bis 6 Bft.
  • Suitable age 8 years +
  • Ready to fly (all included)


  • €79.00

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