An Eagle shaped light wind kite with 3m (10ft) wing span. Complete with a 17m long tail, storage bag and a line. Ready to fly.

The 56ft long white fringe tail is not just for stability, it also gives the kite its particularly attractive flight image in the sky.

The Eagle is made up of three parts. The middle part is a 6 mm carbon fibre tube. 

Flight characteristics

Due to the very large sail area and the little weight, the Eagle is also known as a thermal sniffer and flies with the smallest of a breeze. - At the same time the Eagle is stable in gusty and slightly higher wind conditions when the tail is attached for stability.

Kite Pack Details

  • Dimension: 2960 x 1130 mm (10 x 4 ft)
  • Kite line: 80 m on winder
  • Frame: Fibreglass and carbon fibre
  • Fabric: Ripstop nylon fabric / appliqué
  • Kite tail: 17 m - 56 ft
  • Kite bag and field card
  • Wind range: 0.5 - 3.5 Bft
  • Suitable from 6 years +


  • €109.00

Tags: light wind, single line kite