An ultimate trick machine in kite terms.

This kite is mighty forgiving for beginners and was designed according to the principle nothing is impossible. The Jumping Jack Flash doesn't compromise. Precision is its second nature, freestyle its first.

The Jumping Jack Flash won numerous competitions with Marcel Mehler years after years in a row, like the European and German Masters.

Made in Germany (and apparently in heaven), all Level One kites are produced in small batches with loads of pride in their outstanding craftsmanship. All parts are available as spares.

The Jumping Jack Flash has re-inforcements in important points of stress for exceptional durability. The nose is re-inforced with lorry covering material. The Jumping Jack Flash features yo-yo stops, covered leading edges, two stand-offs (whiskers) at each wing and a leech line. These kites are made to last and give you a life time of fun.

"The Jumping Jack Flash ... is billed as a smaller wide range competition kite and though that’s already been proven by Marcel Mehler, I will agree. The ability to change between radical trickability and solid precision make the Jumping Jack Flash an excellent kite to have in the bag for any serious flier. For the freestyle flier the kite offers some radical abilities and forgiving learning curve from many of the newer tricks without sacrificing much of the basics."
Read the full review of the Jumping Jack Flash at >Kite Life™ and watch the Jumping Jack Flash in action below:


Standard (STD) Specifications:
  • Span 2050 mm (2.05m)
  • Height 920 mm (0.92m)
  • Wind range 8 - 45 kph
  • Weight: 280g
  • Frame: 5.5mm + 6mm carbon tubes and wrapped carbon lower spreaders.
  • Sail: Icarex P31 (31g per square metre) ripstop polyester + Skytex 27g

Made in Germany by Level One. - Highest quality guaranteed.

Price is inclusive of storage bag and flying guide. Kite only.
Please add flying lines, if needed.

Production retired.Sold out! 

Jumping Jack Flash

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