Level One's most modern and most popular freestyle kite. A pure trick kite clearly aimed at the freestyle enthusiast.

The perfect kite for new style tricks like Backspin Cascades, Yoyos, Jacob's Ladder, Taz Machines, etc. with a dash of precision and old school.

Made in Germany (and in heaven apparently), all Level One kites are produced in a small series with loads of pride in outstanding craftsmanship. All parts are available as spares.

The Black Pearl has reinforcements at all important points of stress for exceptional durability. The nose is reinforced with lorry covering material. The Black Pearl features Yo-yo stops, covered leading edges, two stand-offs (whiskers) at each wing and a leech line.


What does it all add up to? Well, I’d take the Black Pearl out when I just wanted to have a good time, to fly and to look good for my spectators. This is just the sort of kite I love to fly at the beach in the summer, when I’m not looking to fine-tune my inputs or focus intently on competitive maneuvers. The Black Pearl is just fun to fly. -Jared
Read his full review of the Black Pearl at > Kite Clique.

Specifications of the Black Pearl:

  • Span: 2400 mm
  • Height: 930 mm
  • Wind range: 10 - 40 kph
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Sail: Polyester impregnated with polycarbonate resin; Icarex P31 (31 grams per m2).

Standard (std) Black Pearl frame:

  • Leading Edge: One piece 6 mm Matrix carbon tube
  • Spine: SkyShark P3X
  • Lower Spreader: SkyShark Black Diamond Nitro
  • Upper Spreader: 5 mm Matrix carbon tube
  • Stand-offs: 3 mm solid carbon

The Black Pearl comes also in custom colours and in a competition (pro) version, which are available on special order. 

Kite only incl. kite sleeve with line storage compartment. Please add lines and straps, if needed.

 Full screen is recommended for Black Pearl video. Enjoy ...

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Black Pearl std.

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