Classic four-line Revolution model. Designed for a wide range of wind conditions. Revolution kites are really easy to fly. Getting a Revolution Kite is just the start of an amazing flying experience. Talents include forward and reverse flight, propeller-like spins, and brakes allowing total speed control and the popular dive-stop manoeuvre. All this is possible flying your Rev kite with its durable rip-stop sail and framed with wrapped super light carbon spars.

The new REFLEX technology involves an auto-pilot system which allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight, thanks to the new vertical spars equipped with springs increasing stability, wind range, and overall control especially under difficult conditions such as light wind, turbulent wind, edge of the wind window. In loss-of-control situations your Rev Reflex will shift to auto-pilot recovery mode, where it will fly itself back to the center of the wind window.


  • Size: 2360 x 780 mm (93 x 31")
  • Frame: Ultra-light carbon tube spars - 3 wrap
  • Sail: Rip-stop Nylon - 11 individual panels
  • Wind Range: 3-20 mph
  • Patented US design.

Your Rev EXP REFLEX package is ready to fly (RTF) :-

  • Revolution EXP kite with spars (see picture)
  • Kite sleeve
  • Four 40daN (90 lb) x 20m (65ft) Laser Pro Gold lines on line winder (see picture)
  • Two stainless steel handles (see picture)
  • Owner's manual and field card.
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Revolution Reflex RTF

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