Peter Waldron (aka. Professor Waldof) designed this multi-cell, winged, hexagon box in the 1970s and he handmade them in England for almost 20 years. Its efficient, stable flight and geometric design made it a favourite of many kite fliers all around the world.

The Star Box can be flown from as little as 2 Bft. The upper wind limit is like many box kites at 6 Bft. The climbing angle of the Star Box is quite steep. The seven long striped tails give this kite great stability even in gusts and especially in the middle of the wind window.

With its impressive construction the Star Box looks like a colourful comet in the sky.

Specifications / Details

  • Size 1200 x 1350 x 750 mm
  • 80 m braided kite line on winder
  • Fibre glas frame
  • Sail made from rip-stop polyester
  • 7 stripe tails, each 3700 mm long
  • Wind range 2 bis 6 Bft.
  • Suitable from age 6 years onwards
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Made under licence by CIM
  • Ready to fly

Star Box

  • €74.00

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