The Speedster is a classic speed kite.

... exactly the right choice for anyone who wants to feel the speed, force and power of this kite and of the wind. Great dual line kite for windy days to produce good sail pressure and high speeds.

The Speedster is easy to handle and easy to launch. Beginners and advanced pilots will have no problem to control the Speedster in speed kiting conditions of 30 kph winds or more. Perfect for teenagers and adults alike. High quality materials.

Flight characteristics:
  • The Speedster is ideal for days with more wind.
  • The Speedster will develop its speed and drag over 3 Bft. on the wind scale.
  • If you are looking for a really fast speed kite, the Speedster is the one for you.
  • Speed kites can reach over 100 kph.
  • Precise steering.

WARNING: Supervision by an adult is recommended. NEVER fly near power lines nor in thunderstorms. Always chew your food properly before swallowing.

  • Size: 1700 mm x 640 mm
  • Wind range: 3 - 7 Bft. (15 to 65 kph)
  • Sail: Rip-stop Nylon and transparent Mylar
  • Frame: 6 mm carbon tube, 5 mm carbon tube winglets
  • Weight: 240 grams
  • German design by Colours-in-Motion.
Kite comes ready to fly with all you need:
  • Instructions and field card
  • Sturdy kite bag
  • Two coloured hand straps.
  • Braided and pre-streched Dyneema lines 2x 25m / 100 daN on winder


  • €89.00

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