A kite for the serious beginner.

The Easy kite is very forgiving and still able to execute any going trick with absolute ease. Perfect kite for old style tricks like Axels or new style tricks like Backspin Cascade and Taz Machine.

This well-built kite will make the introduction to freestyle flying more than easy. It is the latest version of Europe's best-selling stunt kite for beginners, advanced flyers and professionals alike, designed by Level One. Made in Germany.

The Easy offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Beginners love the well tempered flight characteristics and the advanced pilots are amazed by the great trick potential with reliable and repeatable flight behaviour.

The Easy has reinforcements at all important points of stress for exceptional durability.

Price includes: kite, storage bag and flying guide

Easy specifications:
  • Span: 1900 mm
  • Height: 850 mm
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Wind range: 3-40 kph
  • Frame: 5 mm carbon tubes
  • Sail: Icarex Polyester
  • Covered leading edges
  • 2 stand-offs each side, 3 mm carbon.


  • Brand: Level One
  • Product Code: Easy2
  • Availability: Retired
  • €135.00

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