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We are Ireland's 1st supplier for stunt and sport kites catering for all skill levels and ages. Kites Ireland was established in 2004 and was born out of a passion for kite flying. We're trying to source the best available materials for its purpose. All our products are of high quality and are tried and tested. Our kites are guaranteed to fly and are made to last with a little care.

Kite flying is a great outdoor exercise to relax, chill and even to meditate. Ireland is blessed with an abundance of wind power. Go on and harness the elements ...

Revolution Kite

What is freestyle kite flying? - It's a bit like some people use skate or snow boards. Tricks tend to be done close to the ground as part of a landing or take-off manoeuvre. Sometimes they are referred to as 'slack-line tricks'. By throwing both hands forward, the kite can be stalled so it hovers and floats down on its face. Or it can even be flipped over onto its back, where it can hover while there is no tension in the flying lines. A tug on one line will then send it spinning around on the spot. A skilled pilot can do a lot of fancy freestyle moves. Freestyle flying connects individual tricks together into a routine.

Kite lines - There is a large choice of kite lines. Different ways of flying a kite will place different requirements on a kite line. Some of our kite lines are manufactured from Coramid, which is a high quality brand fibre among others such as Dyneema or Spectra. Line strength is measured in daN [1 deca Newton = 10N. One Newton is the gravitational force of a bar of chocolate weighing 100g.]

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Kite Flying Synonyms:

  • Decorate your sky
  • Tug it for fun
  • Say it with Icarex
  • Dance with the wind
  • Carpe voluptam venti
  • A carbon framed out-of-body experience

If you got any questions regarding the products we sell, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for shopping with us. May the wind always be at your back.

Jurgen Denzinger (proprietor)
2, Sexton Street
Abbeyside, Dungarvan
Co. Waterford - X35 HW59

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An eye catching wild boar design.Our animal kites have very good flight characteristics (see video) and are suitable for..

€19.99 €27.50

Revolution Reflex RTF

Revolution Reflex RTF

Classic four-line Revolution model. Designed for a wide range of wind conditions. Revolution kites are really easy ..

€289.00 €329.00

Smallest Kite

Smallest Kite

Small colourful, shaped kite in postcard size with line and two tails.And YES. IT REALLY DOES FLY.The original paper tis..

€3.99 €4.99