Amazing 5ft stunt kite for the more experienced pilot from 10 yrs on.

With slightly more pull than most stunt kites of its size, the Power Hawk is exactly right for anyone who wants to feel the power of the wind. Perfect for coastal areas and places with good winds.

Great for blustry days on the beach to produce some moderate drag. This kite is suitable for kids, teenagers and adults alike.

The Power Hawk is a small powerhouse stunt kite.

Flight characteristics:
  • The Power Hawk is ideal for areas and days with a little more wind.
  • It is designed for a wind range of 2 to 6 Bft.
  • Precise steering.
  • When launching, you will realise that the Power Hawk develops more traction as one might expect from its size, which makes this kite special.

  • Size: 1550 mm x 750 mm
  • Wind range: 2 - 6 Bft. (10 to 45 kph) 
  • Rip-stop Nylon sail
  • 6 mm carbon tube frame
  • German design by Colours-in-Motion.

Kite comes ready to fly with all you need:
  • Instructions and field card
  • Sturdy kite bag
  • Braided Dyneema lines 2x 25m / 55daN on winder
  • Two hand straps.

Colour choices are (see pictures):
  • Red = red - black & white
  • Rainbow = yellow - green - orange - red - blue - purple - black & white

Power Hawk

  • €69.00

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